How to Remove the IR Filter from a Kodak EasyShare Z1275.

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Alright, this is a super simple mod you can do on your old Kodak EasyShare Z1275.  Now before we start, I am not responsible for any damage you do if you decide to try and duplicate this.  And now that the legal BS is out of the way, lets get to the modding.  Warning: as always, the pictures are massive.


We’ll start off with some glamor shots.


Tactical WiFi Cantenna.

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This project was largely based off of the CookieCantenna from Seattle Wireless.
The main can used is the can from Pepperidge Farm Pirouette cookies thus the name. It is preferable because it is a tall, straight walled, metal can with a 4″ diameter. If you are just here for the pictures then scroll down.

As a warning, the pictures are huge.

For the exact measurements, see the tutorial here.

I cut out the bottom of the can (It is preferable to use the lid as the back end of the can as the bottom is rippled) and marked where the holes needed to be cut for the N type panel jack. I then attached a 4″ to 6″ heating duct adapter and soldered it to the can. After removing the paint and with the correct application of flux, the solder will stick to the metal can and heating duct adapter. After that, I attached the modified N type jack.

Radioshack sells an N type to SMA pigtail but this is the wrong type as WiFi uses the RP-SMA connector and the other end is a female N type connector. As I am impatient I bought an N type coupler so I could attach the pigtail to the cantenna. To get a RP-SMA connector I cannibalized an old wifi antenna from my shitty Netgear card (playing Minecraft would cause a driver conflict and give me the old BSOD). The Radioshack pigtail is not of the most robust quality and I would suggest buying a better quality one that does not need to be modified.

I had an old broken airsoft spring pistol and used the grip to make a handle for the cantenna. After cutting the grip to fit, I attached it with epoxy putty. The magazine lock was still functioning so I placed a 1/4 – 20 hammer in nut in the bottom of the magazine so the cantenna can be mounted to a tripod. If you need to manually point the cantenna you can press the magazine release and lift it off then replace it in it’s old position when finished.

The open end is covered with a microwave transparent plastic lid from a container of powdered onion soup. After it was assembled and tested, I covered the N type connector and painted it with a high build primer followed by 2 coats of Rust-Oleum truck bed coating mostly because it is supposed to be very durable and partly because I like the look of the textured finish.

For the WiFi I used the ALPHA AWUS036H. I chose usb so that I could keep the pigtail short and because it came with a mount, I could mount it directly to the cantenna. The 1000mw power rating and the Realtek RTL8187L chipset were also major selling points.  I do not possess the equipment to get the gain of this cantenna but this design is purported to get +18db.  I can only confirm that it does function as expected.  I estimate a range of a couple hundred feet non-line-of-sight.

And now for the eye-candy.

Glamor Shot.

Hobo Nickels.

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“The hobo nickel is a sculptural art form involving the creative modification of small-denomination coins, essentially resulting in miniature bas reliefs.” — Wikipedia

I made these using a small electric engraver to get the basic shape and finished them with files, steel wool, and a home made half diamond lockpick that I had made from a hacksaw blade.  The penny was carved with just the lockpick as I did not have the engraver at the time.

the imageFava Beans!


Magnetic Mixer.

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This is a magnetic mixer I made using some random bits I had laying around.

Made from the following items:
An old computer case fan
A piece of Plexiglas
A Switch
A 12 volt transformer
Some magnets
And some screws

You can also use it to degauss a CRT monitor/tv.

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Tutorial coming soon.